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Run Rabbit Run

Genre: Action & Arcade

Run and jump your way to the checkered flag. Oh yeah, avoid the saw blades.

Run Rabbit Run pits you, the rabbit, against a devilishly deadly obstacle course filled with rotating sawblades, pits of super-sharp spikes and other aspects of certain death. Sure, there are yummy carrots to pick up but you might miss a few on your hop-hop-hoppity way to the checkered flag and the next level of nastiness.

Run and jump!

Control the rabbit with the keyboard or mouse. The arrow keys will allow the rabbit to run forwards and backwards, or you can use the D and A keys, respectively. To jump, use the Spacebar, the W key, or the right mouse button. Timing your jump is important; too soon, and you may fall into a pit or saw blade, too late and … well, you get the idea.

Yes, you can!

It may look impossible, but there’s always a way. Check for alternate routes, different ways to jump or use some of the tools like super jump mats or the slow motion apples. At the beginning of the level, the game will show you any new level elements and how to use them.

Try, try again!

The rabbit will die. A lot. Keep trying and practicing your jumps and you’ll manage to find a way through. You need to get a high enough score on each set of five levels in order to unlock the next set of levels. Keep track of your score, deaths and jumping stats on the Stats screen at the start of the game.