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Genre: Word & Trivia

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Swap the tiles to clear the board!

If you like word games and crosswords, you'll love Wordz! To play, just swap the white tiles around to create words. If the word is correct, all the letters will turn to the same color. There's no time limit, so take your time and enjoy this colorful word game.

Grab a Few Zs

Scan the board for rare letters like Z, X and J -- then look for a place where you can put them. If there's a Q on the board, try to find a U to put it in front of.

Big Words and Small Words

Although some of the longer answers can be figured out immediately, also look for short words with unusual patterns. For example, _ S _ can only be a word like USE or ASK.

It's Not Crosswords

For the most part, the game features very common. There are very few plurals though, so something like P _ _ S is far more likely to be PLUS or PASS than PETS or PINS. And remember, the words don't intersect.