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Starts With

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Genre: Word & Trivia

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Please be aware that Flash is being retired internet-wide December 2020. The great news is that the new HTML5 version will continue to play far into the future. Give the new Starts With a try by clicking the "Play Free Online" button above!

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Make as many words as possible!

Word nerds and crossword fans will love Starts With, where the object is to make as many words as possible. The word list at the top of the screen shows how many words start with a particular letter, and if you find them all, you get a bonus for your remaining time. Pick your skill level and let's get started!

Go for the Sixes!

Each board contains at least one six-letter word. Find the six-letter word as soon as possible for big points and access to the bonus round!

Cuckoo for Coconuts!

For the Coconut Bonus Round, form 3 three-letter or 4 four-letter words by swapping letters. Look for less-common letters like J, X or Q and try to place them first.

Timesaving Tips

After entering a word, click on the “Last Word” to quickly form suffixes or variations. For instance, after entering FIN you could quickly enter FINS, FIND, FINE, FINED, FINES and so on.