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Poker Superstars 2

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Genre: Card & Board

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USER NOTICE: Flash Retirement

This game uses Flash to animate gameplay!

Please be aware that Flash is being retired internet-wide December 2020. The great news is that MSN Games (Zone) offers over 100 games that are developed using HTML5 that will function well into the future. Where possible a direct HTML5 version of the game you know, and love will be available as a replacement. We don’t want you to miss any of the fun so please try some of our newer games today!

Think you have what it takes to go head-to-head against the pros?

No-limit Texas Hold 'em is the hottest hand around, and now you've got the chance to bluff and raise against the best players in the world. The stakes are high and the action is fast. Are you ready?

Using your mouse, select a single Round of play. Then click the Deal button to start playing.

In each round of betting you may fold, call (match a bet), raise, check (bet nothing), or go all in. Click on the raise button to submit the minimum raise, or click on your chips to increase your wager.

Use the two cards you're dealt with the five community cards to build the best 5-card hand you can.