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Freecell Solitaire

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Genre: Card & Board

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It's kind of a big deal

One of the world's most popular Solitaire games, Freecell is a remarkable combination of strategy and simplicity.  Nearly all games can be solved, but with only four open cells (and only ten minutes on the timer), can you beat the clock and win the game?

There are three areas on the game board: the cells (upper left), the foundations (upper right), and the cascades. Click and drag a card (or a sequential stack of cards) to move it.

To win the game, you must move all the cards, by suit, into the foundation, starting with the Aces. Cards can be moved within the cascades, if they are placed on an opposite-color card one value higher (as in, a red four on a black five).

Any card can also be moved to an empty cascade spot, or to an empty cell. Sequential stacks of cards can be moved from one cascade to another, but only if there are enough free cells and/or cascade slots for each card in the stack!