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Flip Words 2

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Genre: Word & Trivia

Your favorite word puzzle is back!

The exciting sequel to one of the most captivating word games around is here! Your mission: to solve the mystery phrase by spelling out words on the board. To guess a letter in the puzzle, just find a word that starts with that letter. Seems easy, right? And it is...for the first few words! Flip Words 2 will keep tons of word fun at your fingertips!

Decide what letters are likely to appear in the phrase and look for words that begin with that letter, or go looking for words and see if their first letters are ones you would like to guess.

Click each letter in order to spell a word. Each letter must be adjacent to the next letter you need, and letters can never be used twice. Click Submit Word when you've spelled your word.

You can fill in the phrase's letters by finding the right words in the jumble, or click Guess and type in the phrase when you know it. However, you only have so many tries to guess what letters are in the phrase.