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Genre: Puzzle

Totemia: Cursed Marbles image
If you like Beadz!, you'll love Totemia: Cursed Marbles! Play the HTML5 Version!

Keep ’em on the line!

A colorful string of beads is flowing down a complex system of rails toward the end of the line—you must prevent the beads from falling off! Shoot a colored bead to match three or more beads. The more you destroy, the higher your score!

Click Play to begin. Shoot beads so they collide with beads of the same color. Match three or more beads to destroy them. Don’t let beads reach the end of their line!

Aim your cursor where you want a bead to go then click your left mouse  button to launch the bead.

When you have cleared the board of all beads, you win the level and may proceed to the next level!