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The Daily Word Search

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Genre: Word & Trivia

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Careful, those words can be SNEAKY!

Ten words are hidden in a grid of random letters, and your task is to find them. They might be spelled up to down, or down to up, left to right or right to left, but they're all there... we promise! The name of each grid is a clue, but with only five minutes on the clock, how many puzzles can you solve?

Will you see the FOREST for the TREES?

To select a word, click on the first letter, drag all the way to the last letter (or vice versa!), and let go. Words may be spelled horizontally or vertically, even backwards, but never diagonally.

Each puzzle has a clue (listed above the letter grid), and a list of words that relate to this clue. Find all ten words to complete the puzzle! Beat two puzzles, and you'll enter a Bonus Round...

In the Bonus Round, your only guide is the puzzle clue; the list will only fill in as you find each related word.  Protip: if a word seems right but doesn’t work, perhaps it needs an S?