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Match and Merge

Genre: Action & Arcade

Make bigger blocks!

In this colorful puzzle game, you must match blocks to create bigger blocks and then even bigger blocks. Click on a block and move it to another spot on the board to match the colors. You can swap a block with any other block that's the same size or smaller. A "move" can be one space, or you can find a path and get all the way across the board in a single move.

Mini-Mama mania!

The first thing you need to do is learn how to make "Mini-Mamas," which are 2x2 square blocks. Soon, you'll move on to creating full Mamas, which are rectangular blocks that are twice as big.

Busting blocks

Later challenges require you to bust stone blocks or deal with immovable blocks. With more than a hundred levels, Match & Merge delivers hours of challenging fun.

Time to party!

You have a limited number of moves, so plan your strategy carefully. Unused moves give you bonus points at the end of each round, so be as efficient as possible to get the highest score.