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  Farewell to Bespelled...Hello, Bookworm!










Thanks for playing Bespelled on MSN Games!

Greetings, MSN Gamers!

As always, progress marches on here at MSN Games, and in this case, it means it's time to retire Bespelled. We'd like to thank all of the wonderful Bespelled fans for playing the game and for their enthusiastic support while we've had it here on the site. We realizing that losing a game you love can be a traumatic experience...






...which is exactly why we're pleased to introduce you to Bookworm! Bookworm is exactly the same game as the Bespelled you know and love, but with the great original graphics, and an all-around better game experience. (If you're a Bespelled fan who might have had a problem getting the game to work on certain computers, but you were able to play other titles on MSN Games, you should definitely try Bookworm!) Think of it as trading in your rusty old clunker for a brand new Porsche!

Play Bookworm on MSN Games now!






Any badges you earned when you were playing Bespelled will still remain in your Badge Album. You will, however, have to start from scratch when it comes to earning Bookworm badges based on cumulative effort; for example, any games of Bespelled will not count towards Games Played or Lifetime Total Points badges in Bookworm. Look at it this way: it's just that many more badges for you to add to your Badge Album!






We hope you enjoy Bookworm. Click the button below and give it a try now...and thanks again for playing MSN Games!






-- The MSN Games Team






Play Bookworm on MSN Games now!