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Genre: Puzzle

Rake in the Green to Bring on the Bling!

A mansion complete with English-country garden, jaunty butler, and cute dog was left to you. The garden, though, is in a frightful state. It's up to you to restore it to its former glory. Search cluttered rooms for items you can sell for a tidy profit. Then plow your profits into the garden—much to Austin the butler's approval!

As you conduct a big clear-out, your neighbors want to buy things from you. Whenever you sell an item, deposit the money received by clicking the coins. Be on the lookout for hidden money too. Finder's keepers!

Bling for an English-country garden doesn't come cheap. Find the items your neighbors want in as little time and using the fewest hints possible. You'll rake in bonus money to boot!

You can add to your garden each time you clear a room, or finish several rooms first. Either way, Austin will guide you in adding a new fence, dog house, pond, and other delights. But before you can rest on your laurels, it's back to the house to find and sell more!