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Microsoft Jewel 2

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Microsoft Jewel 2 brings MORE sparkle to the classic Match 3 game with a collection of jewels that help you rack up MASSIVE points.

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Build longer match combinations, play NEW bonus modes, and complete more challenges to reach a HIGHER score. This NEW version of Microsoft Jewel really knows how to shine!

Match 3 of the same jewel to build a collection of BONUS JEWELS. Use Bonus Jewels anywhere on the board to create larger matches, clear the board faster, and earn MORE points.

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Complete matches to achieve challenge goals but BE CAREFUL, Jewels will not fall to fill the board so make every move count.

Reach new bonus levels and discover special gems you’ve never seen before. Combine classic Match 3 skills with sparkling surprises in this ALL-NEW version. Microsoft Jewel has never shined so bright!

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Combine these new skills and see how far you can get in Microsoft Jewel 2!