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Genre: Puzzle

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If you like Fishdom, you'll love Microsoft Jewel! Play the HTML5 Version!

USER NOTICE: Flash Retirement

This game uses Flash to animate gameplay!

Please be aware that Flash is being retired internet-wide December 2020. The great news is that MSN Games (Zone) offers over 100 games that are developed using HTML5 that will function well into the future. Where possible a direct HTML5 version of the game you know, and love will be available as a replacement. We don’t want you to miss any of the fun so please try some of our newer games today!

Create the perfect awe-quarium!

It's two games in one! Swap colorful underwater items in a challenging puzzler to match three of a kind in a row or column – and use the bonus money you win to purchase exotic fish and accessories for the virtual aquarium of your dreams!

Click on items you wish to swap to create a match of three items or more in a row or column. When you match five or more at a time, you will receive explosive power-ups.

Once you have cleared the board, you are able to use the money bonus to purchase new fish, decorative items, or items to help your fish thrive.

When you purchase items, you also fill the meter that measures the number of fish, the beauty of your aquarium, and the comfort of its denizens. When you fill all the meters, you win a new trophy!