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  Zuma Tips and Strategies








·          Remember that your main goal is to fill up your Zuma meter as fast as possible, which you do by earning points. There are four ways to earn extra points: hit a spinning coin with a ball; create a gap and shoot through it to collapse balls farther away on the spiral; collapse balls in a chain, which means eliminating balls on each shot for several shots in a row; and create a combo, which is where taking out one group of three or more balls brings together another group.






·          Remember the button on the frog’s back shows the next ball you’ll have to shoot. Don’t forget that you can click your right mouse button to switch the ball currently in its mouth with that one.






·          Note the shape of the spiral or spirals. If there are sharp corners, you may have to lead the string of balls to shoot your ball where you want it to go.






·          Nest groups of balls to set up a combo. For instance, in the center of your combo -- the part you’ll blow up -- you might have two red balls with two green on either side, and on either side of the green, clumps of yellow balls. Train your eye to spot these patterns already on the board.






·          Look for balls with icons on them and eliminate them to use their powers: the glowing circle will create a wide-area explosion, wiping out not only extra balls ahead and behind but also balls on other nearby loops of the spiral; and the pause icon (two thick parallel bars) makes the whole spiral temporarily slow its advance.






·          Don’t get too focused on eliminating the balls near the skull drain or drains. Remember, the balls push from the back, so anywhere you can interrupt the line, you can buy yourself time. Also, if you create a gap with balls of the same color on either side of it, the balls attract each other, pulling the forward part of the chain backward.






·          After you’ve filled the Zuma meter, look to see if you can eliminate all balls of a certain color from the chain. The frog will not spit out balls of any color that aren’t on the board, and you can make the game much simpler by decreasing the number of colors in play.







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