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Play Word Search 2 free online!


Sharpen your brain with this word game!
Word Search 2 is a game of words. But, it’s not about what’s in a word. It’s about where’s the word, how fast can it be found, and sometimes
it’s about what’s the word as well!




Each level has a theme and list of related words to find. You’re on the clock, so search fast. At a loss for finding a word? Click Hint!


Play Word Search 2 free online!



Click and drag your mouse across a found word to gain points and strike it from your search list.


Play Word Search 2 free online!



As you advance, the puzzles get more complex. You must find words faster and on the diagonal, and in some levels you must suss out the words!


Play Word Search 2 free online!






  Tips and Strategies








·          The timer doesn’t refresh after each puzzle, so search as fast as you can and keep your eye on the timer bar at all times.






·          Like the timer, hints don’t refresh after each puzzle. If you’re almost outta time, use hints to finish and move to the next level. If time’s on your side, save your hints for later levels.






·          Don’t get stuck on a word in your list. If you can’t find a word, move to the next.






·          There are no magic bullets in this game, but there is Replay. Because aspects of the puzzles repeat, replay to relish solving a puzzle that stumped you and advance to higher levels.