Title: Play a FREE game of Word Search!





  Word Search Tips & Tricks




·          Rather than looking for the first letter of a word, look for the most distinctive combination of letters – you’d find LETTERS much faster if you look for two Ts together, than if you just scan the grid for Ls!




·          Beware of partial words! Many times, a puzzle will try to fool you by repeating half of a listed word, somewhere else in the grid. Make sure the whole word is there, before you waste time clicking.




·          Don’t be afraid to use the Hint button!  Remember, you only have five minutes to solve as many puzzles as possible.  If you’re stuck on a word, just get a hint and move on.




·          Stumped in the Bonus Round? Remember, words don’t always have a direct association to the clue – TREES may include OAK and ELM, but also FAMILY and DECISION.  Get creative, and think fast!