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Play Word Roundup!


Lasso up some fun!
It’s a classic word search with a fun twist! See if you can find all the words in each category and do it fast because time is ticking away. The faster you find the words, the more points you’ll score!






Try to find every word in each category.


Play Word Roundup!





Click on the first letter and drag your mouse to select the word. Words can be in any direction.


Play Word Roundup!





Click the category name if you’re stuck. It will give you the letters the remaining words start with.  


Play Word Roundup!






  Tips and Strategies




·          Fill the empty spaces! If there is a big open area where no words have been found there HAS to be something there.




·          Look in every direction. Words can be backwards, forwards, and diagonal so make sure you look at every option.




·          Use the hint feature. Sometimes, a word is just impossible to find and the first letter is all you need to get going.




·          Use the categories to help you along. Sometimes, there are only a few words that could be included in the puzzle so think of your options before you start searching.