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  Word Mojo Tips and Strategies






·          Words must be valid across and down. If a valid word across creates an invalid word down, you will lose all of the letters from both the valid word and the invalid word when you click Submit (letters previously submitted will not be lost).






·          Build upon words to maximize points. For example, 1st round create CAR (60 pts), next round add E for CARE (70 pts), 3rd round add S for SCARE (90 pts), and 4th Round Add D for SCARED for (210 pts, which includes a bonus for creating a 6 letter word). Total accumulated for SCARED: 430 points!






·          Be sure your word is valid before clicking Submit or all of the invalid letters will be removed from the board and the set will be over.






·          There are six sets per round and each round is three minutes long.






·          Words can be up to six letters long.






·          You will earn bonus points for creating six-letter words.






·          You will earn a bonus for using all seven letters in a given set.






·          Letters that have been previously submitted cannot be removed.






·          Use your right mouse button to click letters to remove them from the board.






·          Try using the letter S to make words plural.






·          If you can create a six-letter word during the Mega Mojo Round, you will earn big points.







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