Wonderword Tips and Strategies




It's all about having a good eye for words




Careful reading is the key




·          Find the first letter of the word then look at the eight letters surrounding it. If the second letter of your word is among them, you're on your way to finding the whole word.




·          Don't forget that words can be both diagonal and backward at the same time.




·          A single letter can be used multiple times for words, so don't just look at uncircled letters when looking for words.




·          Patience! Every word is in the puzzle, it's just a matter of finding them all.




Want some help finding that first letter?




Finding the first letter of a word is the first step, but with so many letters it can be a chore to pick out where all of them are. You could go carefully row-by-row through the puzzle, or…




Click one of the clue words on the right and hold the mouse button to highlight every time the first letter of that word appears in the puzzle.