Wild Word Garden Tips and Strategies




·          You only get one “Free Word” option per round. Use it wisely.




·          You get a fairly decent amount of time to choose your words. Getting the 3-letter and 4-letter words are easy, so you will have more time to tackle longer words.




·          The last word of every round is simpler than the others, believe it or not. First, it uses all the letters. Second, you get a clue about what the answer should be. Use any time you have left over to brainstorm other long words.




·          If you are stuck, use the Shuffle button under the letters. The rearranged letters could give you new ideas.




·          Get into the habit of thinking “one word ahead.” For example, while working on a 4-letter word, ask yourself if you could make a 5-letter word by using one of the remaining letters below. Thinking “one word ahead” can speed up your play.




·          Carefully enter each letter. Making a mistake will lower points as does clearing letters.




·          Don’t forget to create the bonus word using the Wild Word clue. Take a few seconds to figure out the bonus word before entering in the first word. But watch the time. The Wild Word bonus points will eventually be worth less than the time bonus points.




·          If you miss the opportunity to enter the Wild Word you may be able to enter the plural of the word using an “S.” For example, in a round with the letters SNOLES and the clue Foot, you can enter SOLE or SOLES to receive the Bonus Upgrade.





Garden Builder mini-game:




·          In the optional Garden Builder mini-game, you can earn extra points by planting flowers in the garden.  Each flower planted will add 200 points to your score. Matching 3 or more flowers gives you bonus points. 




·          Scarecrows, gnomes, and flamingos are wild and can be used to create matches with any flower type.  Here is an example how to use these objects to increase points.





Round 1:
____  ____  Scarecrow  Gnome Rose  ____
(You receive a bonus for Scarecrow Gnome Rose)
Round 2:
____  Daisy Scarecrow  Gnome Rose  ____
(You receive a bonus for Daisy Scarecrow Gnome)
Round 3:
Daisy  Daisy Scarecrow  Gnome Rose  ____
(You receive a bonus for Daisy Daisy Scarecrow Gnome)
Round 4:
Daisy  Daisy Scarecrow  Gnome Rose  Rose
(You receive a bonus for Scarecrow Gnome Rose Rose)