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   World’s Greatest Places Mahjong Game Overview







Seven times the mahjong!

Play 7 different types of mahjong in 7 gorgeous locations around the world! Learn about each place as you master your technique. Enjoy hundreds of layouts and over a dozen unique backgrounds!




1. Click two tiles with the same symbols to clear them from the board. You earn points based on a tile’s elemental value. 





2. Only free tiles can be selected. Free tiles are not covered by other tiles, and must have an open edge on the left or right side.





3. If you get click the Hint button for a brief hint to help you along. You can only click the Hint button every so often!












  Tips and Strategies








·          If three tiles with the same symbol are available, choose the two which free up the most new tiles.

·          Some symbols look very similar to each other, so be sure to look carefully before forming a strategy.

·          Work through the tallest stack of tiles first. You don’t want to leave tiles trapped at the bottom of the stack!