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Have a yen for some tile-matching Zen?

Find your perfect match in Well Mahjong! This is the beloved classic version of Mahjong solitaire – no powerups, no special-effect tiles, no arbitrary rules, just a cornucopia of challenging layouts, and hours of saying, "okay, just one more round... okay, really, just one last round... fine, one more, but then I really have to stop..."




Enter your name – Well Mahjong will track your score across multiple games, and rank your performance against other players on your computer, or your own best scores.   


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Click any two matching, unblocked tiles to remove them from the board. Tiles can only be selected if they have a “free” edge on the left or right, and if nothing is stacked on top of them.


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Clear as many tiles as possible from each board. The round ends when you remove them all, or there are no valid matches left to make. Think fast: the quicker you are, the higher your score!


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Having Trouble?


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Tips and Strategies


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