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Have a yen for some tile-matching Zen?

Find your perfect match in Well Mahjong! This is the beloved classic version of Mahjong solitaire – no powerups, no special-effect tiles, no arbitrary rules, just a cornucopia of challenging layouts, and hours of saying, "okay, just one more round... okay, really, just one last round... fine, one more, but then I really have to stop..."






Enter your name – Well Mahjong will track your score across multiple games, and rank your performance against other players on your computer, or your own best scores.   






Click any two matching, unblocked tiles to remove them from the board. Tiles can only be selected if they have a “free” edge on the left or right, and if nothing is stacked on top of them.






Clear as many tiles as possible from each board. The round ends when you remove them all, or there are no valid matches left to make. Think fast: the quicker you are, the higher your score!







  Tips and Strategies




·          Plan ahead
On many layouts, you'll be able to see partial designs on some of the "buried" tiles. Look these over before making your first move -- it will help you plan the next one.




·          Remember your matches

Try to keep mental track of which tiles you've already removed. If you see a matching pair, and you remember removing the other two, you'll know this match is safe!




·          The rule of threes

If you have three identical tiles available, match the two which will reveal or unblock the most possible tiles.  However, if you can see that one of these is blocking or burying the fourth tile in the set, you must remove it first!




·          Tick, tick, tick...

As time slips away, so does your score. If you're feeling stuck, remember that a Hint only deducts 500 points, equal to just ten seconds on the clock.