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They’ve tied the knot and pledged their undying love to one another and now it’s time for the bride and groom to celebrate their marriage with a wedding reception to remember! Keep the newlyweds happy by catering for their guests’ every need. But be warned – keep the guests waiting too long and they’ll get visibly upset and you’ll lose valuable points.




Pay close attention to the couple’s requests when selecting the menu. As guests arrive, seat them in vacant chairs. Place them according to their expressed seating preference for bonus points.


Wedding Dash game



Click on gifts to have them delivered to the bride and groom’s table by the waitress.


Wedding Dash game



Serve food by clicking on an item on the chef’s table and then clicking on the appropriate guest. Serve multiple items at a time to score bonuses. You’ll also need to be ready to cope with emergencies. And whatever you do, don’t annoy the bride!


Wedding Dash game




Tips and Strategies




·          Carefully choose where you place guests – if they express a preference to sit next to another try and accommodate them.




·          Pay attention to the characteristics of the guests – each has his/her own foibles that can make your job easier – and harder!




·          The more combo moves you can put together, the better. You’ll earn bigger bonuses.




·          Be prepared to act quickly to handle emergencies or crises. It’s only a matter of time until the chef’s table goes up in flames so be ready to step in and put out the blaze.




·          You can wait for groups of guests to congregate before seating them but don’t make them wait too long or they’ll get impatient – and you’ll lose points.