Play Wake the Royalty free online!


Give the nodding nobles a royal wake-up call!
The kingdom’s royals are zonked, knackered. I dare say, they appear exceedingly cream crackered! And there lies the rub: only you can suss out how to use the lumber to wake these sovereigns from slumber!




Strategically place the wood parts added to your pointer to unrest all royals in a level. Momentum and force are your allies in this game.


Play Wake the Royalty free online!



It’s not always necessary to topple a royal from their palace perch. Jarring can do the trick too!


Play Wake the Royalty free online!



Assess the puzzle’s layout and moveable parts. Arrows show rotational direction. Roll with ‘em!


Play Wake the Royalty free online!







Tips and Strategies








·          You must wake all royals in each level. You don’t always have to topple them, though, jarring can do the trick too.






·          Wood parts get added to your pointer, so don’t waste effort wondering which ones to use when. Oftentimes, you won’t need to use all the parts.






·          Point to where you’d like to place the wood part. When the red “X” disappears, left-click the part to place it.






·          You’re not on the clock. Take a moment to assess where best to place the wood parts. However, when the puzzle’s in motion at the start of the level, strategize and execute fast!






·          If your attempt to wake your royals is foundering, click Restart.






·          Wood circles tend to rotate. A part with a brown “X” joint rotates too. Look for yellow arrows on parts. These reveal rotational direction.






·          Motion, momentum, and force are your allies. Place wood parts in ways that cause motion and momentum and generates enough force to wake all royals.