Description: Play Wake the Royalty free online!



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  Wake the Royalty Tips and Strategies




·          You must wake all royals in each level. You don’t always have to topple them, though, jarring can do the trick too.




·          Wood parts get added to your pointer, so don’t waste effort wondering which ones to use when. Oftentimes, you won’t need to use all the parts.




·          Point to where you’d like to place the wood part. When the red “X” disappears, left-click the part to place it.




·          You’re not on the clock. Take a moment to assess where best to place the wood parts. However, when the puzzle’s in motion at the start of the level, strategize and execute fast!




·          If your attempt to wake your royals is foundering, click Restart.




·          Wood circles tend to rotate. A part with a brown “X” joint rotates too. Look for yellow arrows on parts. These reveal rotational direction.




·          Motion, momentum, and force are your allies. Place wood parts in ways that cause motion and momentum and generates enough force to wake all royals.