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Absolute Solitaire Pro
More than 200 of the most popular Solitaire games
Addiction Solitaire
Use your quick strategy to rearrange cards so they line up properly.
Atlantic Quest Solitaire
"High Fins" and cards galore in this solitaire adventure!
Avalon Legends Solitaire
The magical realm of Avalon needs your help! As a Druid, you can harness the power of the Deck of Nature to weave your spells.
Avalon Legends Solitaire 2
The fate of Camelot is in your hands! Help restore it to its former glory!
Best in Show Solitaire!
Gripping card game based on the highest caliber of canines!
Chef Solitaire: USA
Play Solitaire to build your restaurant franchise!
Crescent Solitaire
A crescent of cards, and a plethora of piles -- can you sift, sort, and stack by suit?
Crime Solitaire 2 - The Smoking Gun
Take on Evergreen Heights' criminal underworld.
Doodle God Solitaire
The ability to create is now entirely in your hands!