Population Genre
Patience is the name of the game, and what you'll need to excel at it.
795 players Card & Board
Absolute Solitaire Pro
More than 200 of the most popular Solitaire games
PC Download Card & Board
Addiction Solitaire
Use your quick strategy to rearrange cards so they line up properly.
230 players Card & Board
Atlantic Quest Solitaire
"High Fins" and cards galore in this solitaire adventure!
PC Download Card & Board
Avalon Legends Solitaire
The magical realm of Avalon needs your help! As a Druid, you can harness the power of the Deck of Nature to weave your spells.
PC Download Card & Board
Best in Show Solitaire!
Gripping card game based on the highest caliber of canines!
PC Download Card & Board
Crescent Solitaire
A crescent of cards, and a plethora of piles -- can you sift, sort, and stack by suit?
110 players Card & Board
Crime Solitaire 2 - The Smoking Gun
Take on Evergreen Heights' criminal underworld.
PC Download Puzzle
Dream Vacation Solitaire
Play your way around the world!
PC Download Card & Board
Faerie Solitaire
Save the faeries and repopulate the magical land of Avalon!
PC Download Card & Board
Fairway Solitaire
Spend some time on the Fairway and take on challenging courses! Try to stay under par in this amazing Card game!
PC Download Card & Board
Fashion Solitaire
Create eight fashion collections and match them to models!
PC Download Card & Board
Freecell Solitaire
One of the world's most popular solitaire games, Freecell is challenging and fun!
125 players Card & Board
Golf Solitaire
Less is more in the game of Golf. Remove all the cards from the board to win!
3 players Card & Board
Hardwood Solitaire
Play 100 different solitaire games surrounded by cool music and graphics!
PC Download Card & Board
Heartwild Solitaire Book Two
Classic solitaire gaming meets lust, romance, and revenge!
PC Download Card & Board
Heroes of Solitairea
In times when chaos and dark magic plagued a once peaceful kingdom, the last hope--a secret weapon--was found. Take on the role of Alice with her fellow dragon and head for a journey across Solitairea.
PC Download Puzzle
HighRise Poker Solitaire
Five rows, five columns, and five minutes to build the perfect poker hand!
1 players Card & Board, Poker & Casino
Hoyle Solitaire & More
HOYLE® drops you right into the action with your favorite classic card games!
PC Download Card & Board
Jewel Quest Solitaire
Match cards to make gold on a trek through South America!
PC Download Card & Board
Jewel Quest Solitaire 3
An exotic chase through addictive solitaire layouts and NEW Jewel Quest boards!
PC Download Card & Board
Jewel Quest Solitaire and Dream Vacation
Two great solitaire games together in one package for the first time ever!
PC Download Puzzle
Jewel Quest® Solitaire II
Help Emma find her husband in this mystery-solving African adventure!
PC Download Card & Board
Klondike Solitaire
Shuffle the cards for a game of solitaire in this classic gold hit!
35 players Card & Board
Koi Solitaire
Watch gorgeous gardens bloom to life in this soothing solitaire challenge!
PC Download Card & Board
Lapland Solitaire
This year, Santa has asked you to build the new Lapland and you've found just where it should go. And better yet the money here is golden chocolate coins! Now it's time to get to work earning enough chocolate coins to build the Lapland of your dreams. Jus
PC Download Card & Board
Legends of Solitaire - The Lost Cards
A fun filled game of Solitaire for all ages
PC Download Puzzle
Legends of Solitaire:Curse of the Dragon
Play Solitaire rounds to defeat the Dragons.
PC Download Card & Board
Magic Cards Solitaire
Enter the magical world of Knoxford the Sorcerer!
PC Download Card & Board
Pirate Solitaire
Outwit the old sea dog and seize the pirates' gold!
PC Download Card & Board
Pyramid Solitaire
Match cards that add up to the number 13 and make your way to the top of the card pyramid!
419 players Card & Board
Regency Solitaire
Experience the romance of Regency England in this sumptuous solitaire game. Help Bella take charge of her destiny and create the ballroom of her dreams. Play your cards right as you tour historic locations, from stately homes and lavish gardens to the fa
PC Download Card & Board
River Poker Solitaire
This solitaire has a twofold twist!
0 players Card & Board
Royal Challenge Solitaire
One hundred unique levels of fast, addictive solitaire gaming!
PC Download Puzzle
Royal Flush Solitaire
Royal Flush Solitaire is a unique crossover game and combines elements from poker and solitaire.
PC Download Card & Board
Shape Solitaire
Fans of solitaire will love this new spin on the classic game!
PC Download Card & Board
Shape Solitaire
Build a picture out of sequentially-numbered playing cards.
59 players Puzzle, Card & Board
Soccer Cup Solitaire
Play the world and shoot to score in Soccer Cup Solitaire!
PC Download Card & Board
Solitaire In Motion
A new take on the card game you know and love.
2 players Puzzle, Card & Board
Solitaire Kingdom Supreme
A fresh, new twist on your daily Solitaire gaming!
PC Download Card & Board
Solitaire Mystery Double Pack
Start your amazing adventures with the Magic Cards
PC Download Card & Board
Solitaire Mystery Four Seasons
Time has stopped in the City of Magic Cards. This curse is the eery punishment, imposed by the wise Nature for greed and avidity of the city inhabitants.
PC Download Puzzle, Card & Board
Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
Save the world by finding the magic cards!
PC Download Card & Board
Solitaire Showdown
Finally, the Windows classic in head-to-head form.
0 players Card & Board
Spider Solitaire
Get bitten by the solitaire bug and see if you can master this classic card game!
1016 players Card & Board
Strike Solitaire
Solitaire or bowling Two in one.Complete 120 levels in Strike Solitaire in the unique setting of bowling hotels. All levels are split into 12 packs, 10 levels each. Each level symbolizes one frame of a bowling match. The goal of each level is to remove 10
PC Download Card & Board
Strike Solitaire 2
The sea, the sun and solitaire! Hit a strike at the seashore!
PC Download Card & Board
Strike Solitaire 3 - Dream Resort
Take a break with solitaire!
PC Download Card & Board
Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 1
Play 10 different versions including some you’ve probably never played before!
PC Download Card & Board
Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 3
If you love solitaire, these 10 new games are for you!
PC Download Card & Board
Supreme Solitaire Bundle
2 great solitaire games in 1 fantastic bundle!
PC Download Card & Board
The Far Kingdoms Winter Solitaire
Defeat the Ice Queen!
PC Download Card & Board
Tri Peaks Solitaire
Use strategy, speed, and the luck of the draw to move a mountain of cards!
16 players Card & Board
Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go
Journey around the globe in this exciting adventure-themed card game!
PC Download Card & Board
Wonderland Solitaire
Save Wonderland from evil Rasmos in this unique solitaire game!
PC Download Puzzle
Zombie Solitaire
Play your cards right and you just might escape the zombie apocalypse!
PC Download Card & Board
52 Card Pick Up
No joke - this game is fun! Just pick up all of the cards in sequential order - but you have to be quick!
3 players Card & Board
Well Mahjong
Colorful, classic tile-matching Mahjong fun!
87 players Card & Board
Mah Jong Tiles
Choose from a variety of challenging layouts in this mahjong solitaire game.
904 players Puzzle, Card & Board
Mahjong Match
Classic tile matching mahjongg solitaire meets inlay-style puzzle fun!
PC Download Puzzle
Poker Pop
Advance across continents in this combination poker, mahjong and solitaire game!
PC Download Card & Board, Poker & Casino