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  UNO® Tips and Strategies





·          Look for combos when playing cards: The key to winning in UNO is using the right combinations to play cards from your hand before your opponents do. New UNO players too often concentrate on playing cards according to color. Sometimes the best choice is to play a card based on its number instead.

For example, if you have a green 5 card, green 6 card, and a red 6 card in your hand – play the red 6 first. Chances are the other players will also play a 6 or draw, allowing you to play the green 6 on your next turn. It should then be a breeze to play your last green card and win the round!




·          Control the color in play: The best way to change the color in play is with Wild cards. Don't let the computer randomly choose the new color by hitting the "Call Wild" function. Rather, pick whatever color will help you play the most cards from your deck. You can also change colors by playing a card with the same symbol but different color as the last card played.




·          Count cards: Counting cards may get you kicked out of a Vegas casino but it's a great way to win at UNO. If you notice an opponent has played several cards of the same color, change the color in play as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the lead player keeps drawing while a certain color is in play, don't change that color if you can help it! As you play more games of UNO, you will get better at remembering which number and symbol have been played and plan accordingly.

Keeping track of what cards have been played requires a little extra attention and brain power – but the effort will pay off when you must guess how close another player is to winning a round.




·          Play high point cards early: Except for wild cards (see tip below), it's prudent to play most command cards and high number cards such as 7,8, and 9 as soon as possible. That way you will not be handing your opponent lots of points even if you lose a round.




·          Save Wild cards for last: Since you can play them on any color, you should save Wild cards until the end of the game if possible. Wild Draw 4 cards are especially good to play last since whatever cards your opponent draws are immediately counted towards your point total.

Be careful though— if you are stuck with a Wild card in your hand at the end of a round the winner gets 50 easy points. Also note that the game forces you to play a Wild card if you do not have another card to play.




·          Make Draw cards count: Draw cards are the perfect way to keep a player with only a few cards left from winning a round. But keep in mind the program will force you to play a Draw card early if you have no other cards to play.




·          Set up other players with Reverse cards: Be strategic when playing reverse cards. If the opponent that went before you is down to his/her last cards, play a Reverse card followed by a Draw card on your next turn. Or if that player has just drawn a card because he or she does not have a match, play a Reverse card and force him/her to draw yet again.




·          Watch for UNO: Watch carefully to make sure other players call UNO when they are down to one card. If someone does not call UNO, you can make a challenge and force that player to draw two cards.

But remember that challenges can only be issued before the next player plays or draws a card.





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