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Monkey around on a fun-filled island!
Escape to your own private getaway in Tropix 2! Take a mini-vacation and play exciting mini-games such as Cascade, Stone Stacker, and Pirates. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle, adventure, or arcade games, there’s an island of fun for everyone!




In Cascade, swap pieces of fruit to match three of a kind. Keep matching fruit until the hungry iguana is full!


Play Tropix 2 free online!



In Stone Stacker, stack as many stones as you can on top of the sea turtle. Look for stones with the same shaped edges to fit together.


Play Tropix 2 free online!



In Pirates, sink pirate ships and rubber duckies with your coconut cannon! Then dive underwater and repair your raft using puzzle pieces!


Play Tropix 2 free online!






  Tips and Strategies








Cascade Tips

·          Create fruit cascades for bonus points! Swap fruit at the bottom of the puzzle so that the fruit above falls into ready-made matches!

·          If you’re having trouble finding matches, click on the Bomble-bee or Lightning Bolt power-ups to clear surrounding fruit.








Stone Stacker Tips

·          Try to plan a few moves ahead when stacking stones. There’s no time limit, so take as long as you need to find perfect matches.

·          Use the Wild Stone power-up to match any other stone. Use the Hammer power-up to smash stones that are in your way.









·          Use your coconut cannon to stun enemy pirates so that they can’t return fire.

·          Don’t fire at the rubber duckies until they turn red. Otherwise, you’ll just waste coconuts.