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Genre: Puzzle

Slide and stack these dizzy Trizzle dolls

Happy little matryoshkas are waiting to meet their perfect match. Line them up, then let them go – stack them high and watch them grow!

In this evolution of the match-three style, you must build groups of dolls which are identical in both color and size...but each match creates a larger doll, which can't be matched until you make two more!

Click and drag a doll to slide the whole column or row. Create a line of three identical dolls, either horizontally or vertically, to stack them together and make one even bigger doll.

Dolls come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Make a line of three matching large dolls to remove them from the board, and cause all the surrounding dolls to gain one size.

Each game starts with a limited number of moves. Each time you slide a doll, whether or not it makes a matching line, one move is used. Level up to gain additional moves!