Trizzle Tips & Tricks




·          Remember, no timer means no pressure!  You are limited only by the number of moves available in a game, so use all the time you need to plan each one. Unlike other match-three games, Trizzle does not require a successful match with every move.  Sometimes, the best possible move is just to set up another, far better, move!




·          When a match is made, all the dolls involved will stack onto the one you just slid.  Keep that in mind when you’re planning for a cascade – the dolls which are moved into the stack will leave empty spaces behind, but the “main” doll will not.




·          When making a match of three large dolls, match them near the center of the board if at all possible.  The eight dolls located directly around the stacked doll will each gain one size (unless they are already large), so a match at the edge means fewer “free” upgrades.




·          Matching more than three dolls at a time might not result in an extra size bump, but it will score extra points!  Get a line of five to add 1000 points or more to your total.




·          Remember gravity! Dolls matched vertically will stack onto the lowest tile.  Even horizontal matches will cause the dolls above to cascade down. New dolls are always added from the top of the screen, whenever you make a match.




·          Mega Matches are worth big points.  Plan ahead to set them up, and make them as soon as possible!




·          Get on a Mega Match roll.  The easiest way to get more of the large dolls you need is to trigger your Mega Match in the middle of a group of medium dolls.  If they are adjacent to the center of the match, they will be transformed into larges, and you’ll be that much closer to your next Mega Match.




·          The edges of each row and column “wrap around” horizontally or vertically.  If there are two large dolls next to each other on the left edge of the board, and one in the same row on the right edge, you make a Mega Match in only one move, by sliding the row left or right until all dolls are arranged together!