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TriPeaks Solitaire

Genre: Card & Board

Take on a mountain of cards!

Move mountains of cards using strategy, speed, and the luck of the draw. Play smart to summit, leaving nary a card in your wake. Play fast to snag the time bonus too. Luck or no luck, one thing's for certain: you'll want to scale these peaks again and again!

Click X to close Help and deal. Match Table cards to the card face up on the Discard Pile. Matches must be one higher or lower. Suits don't matter. Click the Table card to complete the match.

As you clear cards, your matches net you more points! When blocked, click the first, face-down card in the Discard Pile and resume matching.

Leave the table having matched all cards before time's up to win. Then, deal a new round to do it all over again… only faster!