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A new spin on pyramid puzzlers!
Can you help world-famous explorer Kristine Kross rescue her father from an ancient Egyptian tomb?

This puzzle game has an imaginative twist: you can rotate the entire game board to make pieces cascade in a new direction.

But don’t let the tiles reach the top or the pharaoh’s curse will turn you to stone!






Choose a mode of play. Adventure mode features an action-packed storyline. Arcade pits you against the clock. Puzzle mode challenges you to clear all the triangles from a level.







Click on sets of three or more adjacent triangles of the same color to remove them from the board. Use special bonuses, such as bombs and scarabs to clear even more triangles!







Click the left or right rotation button to spin the game board one partial turn in that direction. This is very handy when pieces are getting stuck near the top!








  Tips and Strategies




·          Grab bonus points for a big, big score! The secret to mastering this game is taking advantage of bonuses whenever possible. Here are several ways you can increase your score!

Bomb Bonus: 1,000 for each leftover bomb at the end of a level
Scarab Bonus: 5,000 for one leftover scarab, 10,000 for two, 30,000 for three, 50,000 for four
Wheel Bonus: 15,000 for matching an entire hexagon of same-colored tiles




·          Rotate the board. Not only will this reorganize loose tiles, possibly creating a match, but it’s also an excellent way to pack the bottom of the screen tightly, thereby leaving more room at the top for new tiles.




·          Click on top matches first. Clicking a lower match will cause the tiles overhead to rearrange, and you may lose any matches in that area.




·          Keep a scarab in reserve. Try to create at least one at the beginning of the round, when the falling tiles are easiest to manage. Then, if you get in real trouble later, with tiles almost to the top, you’ll have a secret weapon to stay in the game!




·          Use your bombs wisely. Remember you are often better off not using a bomb and receiving the 1,000 point bonus instead. But if the screen is filling up fast, detonate to your heart’s content!