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Hunt for Pieces of Eight!
Your eccentric, ex-pirate uncle is bequeathing his treasure to anyone in the family that can find it first. Search through the cluttered rooms of his suburban Land-ship. View each room before and after, using your memory to spot changes and uncover hidden gold coins and gems. It’s the ultimate hunt and you can get some serious booty if you’re sharp enough! Savvy?




Study the objects in the before scene. Once you memorized the objects go to the after scene and try to find each of the changed objects.   


Treasure Hunt game



In the after scene, look for hidden bonus gems and the gem-filled treasure chest to win extra points.


Treasure Hunt game



Each room contains a unique symbol. Remember the order they appear to unlock a special bonus later in the game.


Treasure Hunt game






  Tips and Strategies








·          When you are looking at the before scene, say the images aloud to commit them to memory.






·          Use your hints if you’re stuck. If you guess to many incorrect objects, the game will end.






·          Find the gems in the after scenes to get extra points.






·          Be aware of subtle differences in the objects. An object may only change in color shade from one scene to another. 






·          Remember the symbol in each scene to boost your score at the end of the game.