Travel Quest game


Quick thinking is your passport to fun!
Travel the world by solving diabolically clever cryptogram-style puzzles and short math challenges – but you’ll need to think fast if you want to catch that slow boat to China!






Drag and drop letters from the alphabet tray onto the pictographic symbols to decipher the code. The coded phrases are related to the clues at the top of the screen.


Travel Quest game





If you get stuck, drag a hint onto any symbol to reveal the correct letter.


Travel Quest game





The second stage in the game involves math equations that are dragged by a variety of vehicles. You need to select the correct answer bubble for each equation before it disappears from the screen.  


Travel Quest game






  Tips and Strategies




·          Look for frequently occurring letters, such as E, S, A, T, and R.




·          Note which symbol represents each letter – the code remains the same throughout the game.




·          Don’t be afraid to use hints if you get stuck – that’s what they’re there for.




·          Always make sure to note the clue at the top of the screen – it can often help you to guess words, which in turn, brings you closer to solving the puzzle.