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Ship out with heroes, gods, and monsters!
Guide your hero on an epic quest across Ancient Greece as you trade goods, strengthen and upgrade your fleet, and deflect evil spells! The Aegean Sea awaits!






Select the character you’d like to play and click on the Accept button.


Play Tradewinds Odyssey - Free Online





Click on buildings to explore the city.  To begin, you can purchase goods at Agora that can be sacrificed at the Altar for special blessings, powers, and abilities.


Play Tradewinds Odyssey - Free Online





Click on the Set Sail button to start your life of adventure on the high seas!  


Play Tradewinds Odyssey - Free Online






  Tips and Strategies




·          Try to get as much money as you can as quickly as possible. Buy goods to trade at a profit later.




·          When starting the game, visit Agora to stock up on supplies for trading – the more supplies you have, the more blessings you’ll be able to purchase at the Altar for your adventure!




·          During your adventure, if you find a good that isn’t sold at Agora, bring at least 10 of the item back and it will become available.




·          Certain blessings require certain offerings. Return to the Altar as more goods become available to you.




·          Remember, he who hesitates is lost! When confronted by pirates, don’t be afraid to leap into conflict!




·          New to Tradewinds Odyssey is the power to ram enemy ships. This is a technique best saved as a finishing blow, because if you attack a ship and it doesn’t sink, your ship takes on damage too!