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Tradewinds 2 game


Sail the seas in search of profit and adventure!
The ocean is a harsh mistress but you've got a sturdy ship and a good crew to make your way. Visit exotic ports of call, purchase cargo and try to sell it at a profit, all while battling pirates, dodging bad weather, and keeping your ship in good repair. Hope you're up to the challenge, Captain.




Click on "Story Mode" to get started. Select "Christine McGowan" as your character (other characters and modes are available in the Deluxe game).


Tradewinds 2 game



You start in Port Royale. Select "Merchant's Wharf" and click with your mouse to see available cargo. Purchase as much cargo as your ship can hold (and that you can afford).


Tradewinds 2 game



Click "Set Sail" to head to another island. Once there, try to sell your cargo for more than you paid. If the price is too low, you may want to keep the cargo and sail on to another port to get a better price. Beware of pirates along the way!


Tradewinds 2 game



  Tips and Strategies




Welcome to the high seas! Making a living at sea is no easy business, but you love it, so here are some tips to help you do better than the average landlubber.

The first thing you should know is that trading on the high seas takes skill and wit, but it also takes a keen memory. If you've got a few holes in your sails, like me, you might want to keep a pen and paper handy (or a notepad window on your desktop) to make notes.

The first thing you need to do before playing Tradewinds 2, is get into the spirit of the game. Stand up at your desk and shout seafaring things, such as "Prepare to raise the mizenmast!" and "Look lively, lads, there's booty to be had!" If anyone questions you about this, calmly explain to them that the mizenmast is "the third mast or the mast aft of a mainmast on a ship having three or more masts." Then order them to swab the deck, for having so little understanding of important things.

Now that you're in the right frame of mind, it's time to start your career as a seafaring trader Captain.

Know Your Role
One of the nice perks of sailing the open sea is the freedom to chart your own course, starting with your persona. Would you like to be a disenfranchised English noblewoman turned to the blade and cannon, or perhaps a French rogue looking to make his fortune. [Note: Some roles are only available in the Deluxe version]

Of course the name of the game is to make money, but sometimes in order to make money, you have to spend money. If you want the reward you sometimes have to take risks. Keep this in mind as you move about, especially early in the game, when you have limited resources. You may have to spend nearly all your money on a cargo in order to see appreciable profit at the other end.