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Tradewinds 2

Genre: Puzzle

Sail the seas in search of profit and adventure!

The ocean is a harsh mistress but you've got a sturdy ship and a good crew to make your way. Visit exotic ports of call, purchase cargo and try to sell it at a profit, all while battling pirates, dodging bad weather, and keeping your ship in good repair. Hope you're up to the challenge, Captain.

Click on "Story Mode" to get started. Select "Christine McGowan" as your character (other characters and modes are available in the Deluxe game).

You start in Port Royale. Select "Merchant's Wharf" and click with your mouse to see available cargo. Purchase as much cargo as your ship can hold (and that you can afford).

Click "Set Sail" to head to another island. Once there, try to sell your cargo for more than you paid. If the price is too low, you may want to keep the cargo and sail on to another port to get a better price. Beware of pirates along the way!