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The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

Genre: Puzzle

The Tree of Life is dying!

And with it, your father’s kingdom is falling to ruin. Find and assemble the ancient relics that will call forth your only hope – the mysterious Elementals – and convince them to give your people one more chance.

Challenging match-three missions are complemented by search-and-find puzzles, and an ever-unfolding story of wicked wizardry. Can you thwart this prophecy of doom?

In the search-and-find levels, click each scattered piece of an item to assemble it. In the match-three levels, click and hold your cursor on the first symbol in a chain of three or more, and drag it across all identical symbols in the chain.

The Lion tracks your progress towards a symbol-smashing, tile-blasting explosion! Fill the meter by making matches that break at least one tile – seven matches in a row will trigger the lion’s wrath.

Between each match-three level, you can choose to change your puzzle layout, for variety or ease of play. Try all three, and pick your favorite!