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Title: Play a FREE game of The Lost Inca Prophecy!


Following a dream… or a nightmare…
Sift through ancient ruins for the shards of hope and prophecy! Each piece will bring you closer to uncovering the meaning of your troubling dreams… and saving the Inca civilization from annihilation.

Challenging match-three missions are complemented by search-and-find puzzles, and an ever-unfolding story of mystery and menace. Can you thwart this prophecy of doom?




In the search-and-find levels, click each scattered piece of an item to assemble it. In the match-three levels, click and hold your cursor on the first symbol in a chain of three or more, and drag it across all identical symbols in the chain.


Title: Play a FREE game of The Lost Inca Prophecy!



The Feathered Serpent tracks your progress towards a symbol-smashing, tile-blasting explosion! Fill the meter by making matches that break one or more tiles – seven matches in a row will trigger the serpent’s wrath.


Title: Play a FREE game of The Lost Inca Prophecy!



Between each match-three level, you can choose to change your puzzle layout, for variety or ease of play. Try all three, and pick your favorite!


Title: Play a FREE game of The Lost Inca Prophecy!







  Tips & Tricks








·          In the hidden-object levels, each item is broken into multiple pieces. If you’re having trouble assembling one of them, concentrate on a different one… sometimes, you need to use one completed item to reveal pieces missing from the rest!






·          Having trouble making long symbol chains? Try switching from a grid layout to a hex layout – each hex can connect with six surrounding symbols instead of just four!






·          Stuck on one side of a match-three level? Switch to the other side, even if all the breakable tiles there are already cleared. Chains you make there will cause new symbols to cascade in, hopefully making chains that extend into the blocked side.






·          Another great way to clear a blocked section of unmatching symbols is to make an extra-long chain that ends nearby. Long chains can trigger a small explosion on the last symbol in line.






·          Been matching symbols for ages, and the level never seems to end? Look carefully at the tiles underneath the symbols, and see if one remains unbroken.  Sometimes, the color difference between broken and unbroken can be subtle.  If they’ve all been broken, remember that you have to match all the symbols under an artifact piece to drop it off the bottom of the screen!