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TextTwist 2 game


Get ready to twist again!
TextTwist 2 brings back all of that word-finding fun that made TextTwist one of the most popular puzzlers at MSN Games!

Find a six-letter word to move on to the next round in this addictive treat that tests your vocabulary – now in Timed and Untimed versions!






Select the version you’d like to play.

Note: Time and Untimed are the only available options in the Free Online version of TextTwist 2.


TextTwist 2 game





To place the letter balls in the solution slots, use your mouse to click them, or type the letters on the keyboard. Press the BACKSPACE key to remove a letter, or click Clear to remove them all.


TextTwist 2 game





You can click Twist to rearrange the letters to help you guess words. When you’re ready to submit a word, click Enter.  


TextTwist 2 game






  Tips and Strategies




·          Concentrate on getting at least one six-letter word so you can move on to the next round.




·          Use the Twist button (or SPACEBAR on your keyboard) often to rearrange the letters in the jumbled row. This will help you to spot more combinations.




·          If you are comfortable using the keyboard, you can shave precious seconds off your time compared to using the mouse.




·          Scan the words you have already created (listed to the left in the small white boxes) for ideas on other possible letter combinations.




·          Never fail to use the letter "S" to pluralize words.




·          Check to see if your letters include common endings, such as "ed" or "ing".




·          Foreign words and proper nouns are invalid.