Description: Text Twist game

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  TextTwist Tips and Strategies





·          Concentrate on getting at least one six-letter word so you can move on to the next round.






·          Use the Twist button (or SPACEBAR on your keyboard) often to rearrange the letters in the jumbled row. This will help you to spot more combinations.






·          If you are comfortable using the keyboard, you can shave precious seconds off your time compared to using the mouse. See How to Play in TextTwist Help for more on keyboard controls.






·          Scan the words you have already created (listed to the left in the small white boxes) for ideas on other possible letter combinations.






·          The words you've already created are listed alphabetically and spaces are left open for words that you haven't yet found.  This can provide you with a clue for which letters begin the next word on your list.






·          Never fail to use the letter "S" to pluralize words.






·          Check to see if your letters include common endings, such as "ed" or "ing".






·          Foreign words and proper nouns are invalid.