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  Bicycle® Texas Hold'Em Features

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·     Play Standard or Heads Up Texas Hold'Em poker



·     Choose your skill level

·     Jump into a Quick Match game and we'll find players for you.

·     Play with other people or against the computer.

·     Digital tells help you read your opponents.

·     Challenge yourself with a timer, or play a more casual game.

·     Enjoy a cool look and feel with a realistic game board.



  Bicycle® Texas Hold'Em Game Overview

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Description: Texas Hold'Em Poker game


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About this game...


Play tournament-style Texas Hold'Em poker at its best. Players start with the same amount of virtual chips. The last player to hold onto their chips wins! Build the best possible five-card hand out of your two cards and five community cards. Place bets after the deal of the first two pocket cards, the three community cards (the "Flop"), a single community card (the "Turn") and the final community card (the "River"). Bet or fold at any time based on your cards and your nerves! Please note that no real money is used in this game.




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