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Texas Hold'Em Poker Showdown game


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Texas Hold’Em Poker is a popular variation on seven-card stud. Players build the best-possible hand out of their own two cards and up to five shared cards. Bets are made after each deal. On the first round, each player receives two cards; on the second, the dealer lays down three community cards, known as the “Flop”; on the third and fourth rounds, called the Turn and River, respectively, a single shared card is dealt.






Click DEAL. The computer starts the game as the dealer and has the D (dealer) button. You ante five chips. The computer deals itself two facedown cards and you receive two face-up cards.


Texas Hold'Em Poker Showdown





You start the betting. Click Open to open the betting, or Check to hold with your current bet. When the computer bets, click Call to match a bet, Raise to raise the bet, or Fold to forfeit.


Texas Hold'Em Poker Showdown





The dealer lays down three face-up community cards, called the “Flop.” You try to make the best hand you can with the community cards and your own cards. After the flop, there are two rounds where a single face-up shared card is dealt.


Texas Hold'Em Poker Showdown





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Tips and Strategies







·          Keep in mind that this is a tournament-style poker game so you should have a long-term strategy. It doesn't matter if you win the most hands. The way to win is to be the last person at the table. You don't have to play out every hand or even the majority of hands. Better poker players calculate the odds and fold quickly if the odds are not in their favor. For the majority of hands, a good player will fold before the flop. Don't be afraid to fold and you shouldn't start betting haphazardly if you've won a few hands.




·          However, as the game is reduced to fewer and fewer players, the odds change and you'll be able to play more hands.




·          A good time to bet aggressively is in the early rounds when the blinds are lower and you can build an early chip lead.




·          It's not all about you. Watch how your opponents play and try to determine their style.




·          Going All-In is a risky move but it is part of the game. If your opponents know that you won't go All-In, they'll bluff you. Know that you probably will have to go All-In during a game but try to do it when you have the strongest hand possible.




·          Make sure you know your poker rankings. We try to make it easy for you to find out the ranking of poker hands. You can view the Poker Rankings by clicking the Icon with Two Cards on it or view the Rankings and Blinds Schedule by clicking the Learn to Play button in your game window.




·          Don't fold when everyone else has checked.




·          Pick on the little guy! If someone's chips are dwindling and they only have a few chips left, don't feel sorry for them. That's the best time to force someone to go All-In and knock them out of the tournament.




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