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Texas Hold’Em Poker is a popular variation on seven-card stud. Players build the best-possible hand out of their own two cards and up to five shared cards. Bets are made after each deal. On the first round, each player receives two cards; on the second, the dealer lays down three community cards, known as the “Flop”; on the third and fourth rounds, called the Turn and River, respectively, a single shared card is dealt.




Click DEAL. The computer starts the game as the dealer and has the D (dealer) button. You ante five chips. The computer deals itself two facedown cards and you receive two face-up cards.




You start the betting. Click Open to open the betting, or Check to hold with your current bet. When the computer bets, click Call to match a bet, Raise to raise the bet, or Fold to forfeit.




The dealer lays down three face-up community cards, called the “Flop.” You try to make the best hand you can with the community cards and your own cards. After the flop, there are two rounds where a single face-up shared card is dealt.




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