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Degree Texas Hold’Em Tournament Recap: Live in Vegas!




It was all leading up to this! The ten weekly winners from our Degree All-In Hold'Em Challenge recently converged in Las Vegas to go head-to-head in an exciting live tournament. The event determined who gets a seat later this summer at one of the largest and most prestigious poker competitions in the US. The winner also gets to make a special guest appearance on Fox Sports’ “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” Want to know which finalist reigned supreme? Read on, fellow Hold 'Em fan!

On the first day, the finalists enjoyed a private, four-hour poker lesson from an internationally respected poker expert. Under his guidance, they learned tips and tricks for a successful match and played through a practice tournament. This gave them an opportunity to size up the competition, work up their poker faces, and study their opponents for tells.

The next day was the big tournament. Our ten winners had the honor of playing at the roped-off center table of a famous casino’s poker room. Each player showed up ready for action! Most of the finalists wore sunglasses to avoid giving any tells and everyone brought along a lucky charm—from special shirts to supportive wives.

The details of the tournament:

        $4000 buy-in
        No rebuys
        25-minute rounds
        Blinds start at $25
        Rest break every 3 rounds

The game started off slowly, each contestant playing conservatively and observing the competition in hopes of finding any weaknesses. All of the players made it through the first three rounds…and then the serious card-playing began! Hwdouplyholdem and Scootage1 were the early leaders with a few players trailing close in the chip count. Though they played well, Blufiebluferson and pokerLVpoker were the first finalists eliminated. Airhogg was knocked out next; even though he had pocket Kings, he was bested by CardSlayerKing2 holding pocket Aces that were complemented by an Ace showing up in the turn.

Scootage1, BlueberryTea_16, and Mango_Man_808 were the next players to bust out. That left the final three: Kpatro5, Hwdouplyholdem, and JChancellor. Kpatro5's chips were slowly won by the other two players and Hwdouplyholdem finally took him out.

When we got to the head-to-head action between Hwdouplyholdem and JChancellor, there was 40,000 on the table and the chips were stacked against JChancellor. In the final hand, JChancellor was dealt a King and a Jack unsuited and raised all-in with approximately 15,000. Hwdouplyholdem had an Ace Nine suited and called. The flop showed two Fives and an Ace, a good news for Hwdouplyholdem who now had two Aces. The turn was a Queen and the river was a Deuce. Hwdouplyholdem won the tournament with two pair—Aces and Fives!

Hwdouplyholdem is headed to the big tournament this summer, so wish him luck!

Congrats to our winner and all of our finalists for participating in such a successful event!