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Tap The Bubble 2

Tap into bubble bursting fun!

This fast-paced, fast-tapping game will have you tap, tap, tapping your way to big scores! Keep your wits about you and tap the right bubbles to keep scoring points and defeat your opponent to move to the next round.

Tap wisely

Each round of the game pits you against an opponent. Tap (click your mouse) on the colored bubbles to score points. Tap bubbles of the same color in a row to score combo bonuses. Be careful! If you miss a bubble and tap the background you’ll lose a second on the timer.

Fever Mode

Don’t lose time waiting to tap on a certain colored bubble. If you can no longer match colors, tap a different color and keep tapping away. Be sure to tap all the special bubbles including snowflake, bomb and fish bubbles to increase your score! If you’re careful, you can even double-tap quickly to score bubbles when they overlap each other. Tap enough bubbles quickly and you’ll enter Fever Mode.

Score Screen

After each round, track your progress on the score screen. The upper part of the screen highlights your current level and how far you need to progress to the next level. In between rounds, you can choose which charm bubbles you want to see more of on the next level. Spend your currency wisely. OK now, go tap that bubble!