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Tangled Gardens

Genre: Puzzle

Delve into the underground mazes of beautiful flowers and plants!

Plan your root network to link specific parts of the underground garden with the plant on the surface. You'll face different types of soil with incredibly tangled plant roots and a wide range of flowers! Develop your strategic abilities—the longer the root, the more points you get.

Note the colors of roots in the maze, and the matching color pieces in the board. Click pieces to rotate them, to allow the colored roots to flow toward their matching colored pieces on the board.

You get points for every piece the root travels through. So, the longer the root is before it gets to its destination, the higher your score! Also, you get double points when roots of different colors pass through the same piece on the board.

The board is complete when every colored piece is linked with the plant on the surface. You cannot link root of one color with a piece of a different color.