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Play our fun-filled and free Talismania game! 


Don't lose your touch!
...but His Highness needs to lose his! Help King Midas rescue his daughter and break his golden curse! Twist and connect talismans to collect coins and defeat mythical monsters, and restore ancient Greece along the way. Think you can win at this magical puzzler?






Click on the hexes to rotate them. When the paths connect the two Talisman hexes, all of the hexes in that path turn into coins. The faster you do this, the more valuable the coins will become!


Play our fun-filled and free Talismania game! 





Longer paths earn you more coins than shorter ones. When you have enough coins to drop the scale down to the goal at the bottom of the screen, the level is complete!


Play our fun-filled and free Talismania game! 





Special Lightning and Money blocks add valuable coins if you can include them in your path! But be careful...if you haven't made enough money at the end of the level, the game is over!


Play our fun-filled and free Talismania game! 






  Tips and Strategies





·          Longer chains give you more coins, but taking too long to set them up will make the coins less valuable. Strike the right balance between length and speed to get the highest scores!




·          Use the permanent path segments surrounding the gameboard to adjust the pattern of your path when you're missing your target by a single hex.




·          Don't forget that the Talismans can rotate too!




·          Always try to incorporate the Dollar Sign and Lightning hexes when they appear on the game board.




·          When you've built up a bunch of gold stars, click the crown at the bottom center of the screen to start Talismania! Quickly click as many hexes as you can to turn them into gold coins!