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Time for a sugar rush!

After a 20-year slumber, the Sweetopia Candy Factory is having its grand re-opening...but something has gone dreadfully awry! The latest batch of sweets on the conveyor belts has explosive potential and it's up to you and Kate to return the factory to the Sweetopia it once was. Match the colored candy pieces on the conveyor belt, and stop the Sherbet Sizzlers from colliding before you enter a sugar shock!






The candy launcher will track your mouse pointer. Left-click to launch the candy, and right-click to swap the current piece with the next one in line. Some levels have multiple launching pads; click an empty one to move your launcher to it.


Play our fun-filled and free Sweetopia game!





Fire your candy into two or more of the same color to make them disappear. The sweets continually roll along the track. Don't let the Sherbet Sizzlers touch, or you'll lose a life!


Play our fun-filled and free Sweetopia game!





Finish a level by filling up the candy meter or making the specified number of matches. Set up combos and chains to earn bonus points. Some candies have special powers...make a match with those to pick them up!


Play our fun-filled and free Sweetopia game!





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  Tips and Strategies




·          Don't be afraid to use the swap option, especially when the next piece in line will help trigger a combo.




·          Shots from your launcher can be banked off of walls and machinery. Take advantage of this to get to a part of a chain you might not be able to reach directly.




·          Harder shots are rewarded with bonus points. Shots that pass through gaps in closer chains in order to reach chains that are farther away are worth BIG bonus points!




·          Power-ups are only available on-screen for a short period of time, so be sure to jump on them when they pop up.




·          In Story Mode, remember that your task is to fill up the candy meter, which you do by scoring points. So hitting big-scoring combos will do that that much faster.




·          In Arcade Mode, the level ends after a certain number of "pops", so it's important to make each one worth as many points as you can.




·          Being able to move from one launching pad to another is a very powerful ability, particularly when it makes portions of a chain you can't reach from another location available. Learn how to take best advantage of it.