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A game does not load






Allow our applications







If you are trying to access a game while signed into the site, you may need to allow our applications on Facebook or Windows Live™. Or, you can play signed out; however, your scores and recently played games will not be saved.








Step 1








Click Sign in.








Step 2








Sign in with your Facebook or Windows Live ID account








Step 3








When prompted for permission, click Allow or Connect. (Please note that the game will not automatically publish any information to your wall and you will be prompted to share this information.)






Verify the Adobe® Flash Player is working







Most games use Adobe Flash Player. To verify that the Adobe Flash Player is working correctly on in your browser, follow the steps below.








Step 1








Go to:








Step 2








An Adobe Flash Player confirmation banner should load followed by an advertisement.













Enable cookies in your Internet browser







To play games, cookies need to be enabled in your browser. Click the link below for instructions on enabling cookies in your browser.








Internet Explorer® - Enable cookies




Firefox® - Enable cookies




Google Chrome™ - Enable Cookies




Safari™ - Enable cookies






Internet Accelerator software for dial-up connections







Dial-up users:  If you are using an Internet accelerator program to improve the speed of your connection, you may not be able to play on games some games. You will need to disable this feature or set the program to use no acceleration if you cannot load a game.






Clear browser cache and cookies







Corrupt files may be preventing a game from loading. Try clearing your browser’s cache and make sure that your browser is set to view the latest versions of a page or site.












Internet Explorer - Clear cache and cookies




Firefox - Clear cache and cookies




Google Chrome - Clear cache and cookies




Safari - Clear cache and cookies






Enable JavaScript







Games require JavaScript. Click the link below for instructions on enabling JavaScript in your browser.








Internet Explorer - Reset Security Settings




Firefox - Enable JavaScript




Google Chrome – Enable JavaScript




Safari – Enable JavaScript






Reboot your computer







A game also may not load due to conflict in memory. Close all programs and reboot your system to clear the computer’s memory. Once your system restarts, try playing the game again.













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